I am so happy you’re here! I imagine it’s because deep down, you have a burning desire to make huge #ladyboss changes in your life…To challenge the status quo and to do all the things you’ve been told you couldn’t…. To live life on your own terms,leading a fabulous thriving life without explanation…and to build a company that not only makes you money, but also provides you with the freedom you desire and truly makes you feel alive.

Like many entrepreneurs, when I first launched my business, I had no idea where to begin.”How do I remain current, profitable, build a social media presence, manage finances, and deliver an amazing product or service?”
The good news is this: I’ve been where you are, and I now know what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. The level of experience I’ve acquired over these past few years has put me in a position to help other bad ass women business owners like you avoid some of the mistakes I made as a new business owner.

The Thrive Tribe is a community of women who are fabulously fearless social influencers and big dreamers who want to learn how to make money sharing their talents while living a Thriving life.  THRIVE women are unafraid to take risks, and are done apologizing for who they are and the success they want to achieve.  I truly believe that together we are stronger and the possibilities to change the world are limitless when we build bridges, form networks, and foster relationships from one woman to the next.  Thrive is the place where you are going to find your fearlessness. Where you learn how unstoppable you actually are. Where you stop asking for permission and start putting your plans to action so you can begin living you best life! Your entire life could be a business, sis. I will show you exactly how I made it happen.

Take your talent from a hobby to a career by learning what it takes to fully develop your brand and grow your business successfully. Register Today for our #THRIVE business course. You are one step closer to becoming an exclusive tribe member. Cheers to being fearless!


*Please note: you will not be added to the class roster until payment is made. A payment request page will appear immediately after online registration is complete. Installation Payments Accepted. Please email us at info@paigebrowndesigns.com to arrange installation payments.*

Group Session Dates:

February 24th,2018

Phases 1,2,3&4

1-on-1 Sessions are based on client’s availability. 

Course Outline

Phase 1- Structuring your Business, Services, & Branding

February 24th,2018

9:30 AM- 10:30 AM
1-on-1 Session: $200.00 | Group Session: $150.00 

  • Learn how to attract your ideal client
  • Establish a consistent brand that is trustworthy and desirable
  • Learn how to structure services effectively
  • Learn how to increase social media presence and following
  • Discussion of tag lines, logos, brand identity, etc.
  • Hands on vision board session to finalize brand identity
  • Covering yourself legally. Group discussion with business attorney.
  • Q & A Session
  • & So much more

Phase 2- Work Life Balance: Time and Stress Management

February 24th,2018

10:40 AM- 11:40 AM

1-on-1 Session: $200.00 | Group Session: $150.00

  • Learn how to manage work day effectively
  • Learn the importance of outsourcing and when to do it
  • Learn about the most effective scheduling programs and how to utilize them
  • Learn how to set priorities according to profit and productivity
  • Learn how to live a life you love while running a successful business
  • Q&A Session
  • & So much more!

Phase 3- Money Management, Budgeting, and Price Structuring

February 24th,2018

12:15 PM- 1:15 PM

1-on-1 Session: $200.00 | Group Session: $150.00 

  • Learn techniques to increase business profits
  • Learn how to budget and manage profits
  • Learn how to create multiple streams of income
  • Learn what programs and tactics to use to keep track of expenses and plan ahead.
  • Learn how to price your products and services effectively
  • Create an effective action plan for your business
  • Unlimited Q & A session
  • & So much more!

Phase 4- Breaking Barriers: The importance of Networking and Advertising

February 24th,2018

1:25 PM- 2:25 PM
1-on-1 Session: $200.00 | Group Session: $150.00 

  • Learn why collaboration is your best friend
  • Learn how and when to effectively network
  • Learn how to effectively advertise your business to your desired demographic
  • Create a hands on marketing plan consistent with your brand
  • Find out the most effective and inexpensive ways to advertise your business
  • Learn networking tricks and tips that will leave long lasting impressions
  • Q&A Session
  • & So much more